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More than 25 years of experience - 6.000m² showroom - 10 year replacement program

Welcome to Europe's largest Waterbed-Center

Buying a waterbed is a matter of trust! Why we are worth your trust:
  • We offer 25 years of experience to make sure that you find the waterbed which fits best to your personal requirements. In our great showroom which contains more than 100 different beds, you will find a great varity of waterbed systems on 6000m².
  • We do not sell waterbeds online in order to guarantee that we find the right waterbed system for you which requires personal advice. You will not be satisfied with the wrong waterbed system.
  • Guarantees and services will be done within 24 hours by our service team. Even a whole change, because we have every waterbed system in stock and do not have to get any alternative from anywhere else.
  • All of our waterbeds can be exchanged if you change your requirements or if you want to rearrange your home. This service lasts for 10 years after you have bought your waterbed and our service team will support you in every situation.
  • Our assortment only consists of waterbeds from established manufacturers who guarantee a high quality standard. We always add the newest exemplars to our assortment. You profit from lower prices because of our allowances which are the result of our importance towards our distributors.
  • To make sure that you do not buy any crap just because it is cheap, we offer you good prices for our high quality waterbed systems which will satisfy you for many years.
A dreamlike bed by Bretz with a waterbed mattress

... by the way, you do not have to buy a new bedroom just because you want to get your waterbed mattress! A waterbed mattress fits perfectly in every bed with standart size. You can even have a drawer system under your bed to get more storage space (depending on your bed frame).
Just get rid of your old mattress and get your new waterbed mattress in - that is how easy you can sleep calmer, more relaxed and more hygenic.

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How much weight does a waterbed bear?

An interesting experiment to answer this question was done by the TV Show "Galileo" on Pro Sieben. It shows the huge weight which a waterbed mattress is able to bear without exploding or leaking. Watch the movie right here

You will find a short comment about the test on the homepage of the technical university of Chemnitz.

Important topics

Waterbed or waterbag?

Many people are not sure whether to decide for quality or a low price when they buy a waterbed. Of course, everbody wants to get the best quality for the lowest price possible.
Unfortunately this is impossible in most cases. We want to give you a small compilation with the most important points of buying a waterbed.

And do not forget: The service afterwards is also important!

Change from hard to softside

You are not satisfied with your hardside mattress anymore and you want a modern and more comfortable softside system instead? No problem, use our replacement service which will give you the chance to exchange your hardside mattress as long as it is not older that 10 years.

Remember: This service is just for mattresses that have been bought at Wasserbett-Zentrum Knöchel.

For further information and news about waterbeds check the online-magazine for waterbeds Schläfer.

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